Memory box

I have this secret memory box
which contains stuff that
reminds me of people
I once loved.
and the ones I still do.

A ring my first ever boyfriend
gave me on my
16th birthday.

Some keyrings I purchased
with my friends on a school

A silver friendship bracelet
a best friend I had in 5th class gave me.

A bunch of small keys that used
to belong to those multiple
lock diaries I made my
mom buy me.

A piece of paper with maths
equations solved on it
in a weirdly cute handwriting
which I think belonged to
the time I was teaching my
crush mathematics.

Some beautiful sea shells my
dad bought me from one of his
his beach trips.

A worn out feather shaped
pendant my grandma gave me
for good luck.

A crazy stupid photo studio picture
of me and my dad.

Some expired candies my best friend
got me two years ago when I had my first ever break up.

I guess it’s time to let go of some memories of people who let go of me long ago.

To the kid who fantasizes adult life.

To the kid who fantasizes adult life,

I was once like you
wanting to be out there
sitting on my car’s roof
looking at them stars.
Having my own office cabin
with a framed picture of my small yet
cute dog on the desk.
( lol, you thought I was gonna say ‘family‘ )

Your pencil stand filled with markers
and coloured pens.
Making bullet journal seemed
real fun back then.
Love was just something you heard
about in a cliche barbie movie.
Or offcourse, while watching DDLJ
on your broken VCR tv.

My dad got me a sea shell
from one of his office beach trips
those breeze sounds that comes
out of it made me wonder
how beautiful its life would’ve been.

Making drawings of me
walking barefoot on
that warm sand and a sun with a ‘smiley
face‘ hovering over me.

Life looked like a dream.
But its all it is, isn’t it.
A dream 🙂


I applied and then
re-applied my lipstick,
wore those big bohemian earrings
which go with that yellow
maxi dress you bought me.
Too excited to show you
that silver nose ring I have been
obsessing over lately.

Killed 15 mins trying to choose between
different inches of heels,
just to go out in flats at the end.
( I knew I was going to look short af lol )

I curled my hair and put on some kajal,
and was able to salvage my favourite
mustard muffler from Oliver’s mouth.
FYI he is done playing with the
pink cotton ball you gave him.
I’ll be the girl in a yellow sweater
waving sillily at you.

All this effort,
only to watch you coming out
of the airport hand-in-hand with some other girl.
It’s good that I didn’t apply any mascara.

A pink note.

Today I was really upset about something so I was going home crying in a metro. I couldn’t stop crying. I usually wear spectacles when I cry because then nobody can notice my eyes that easily. There was this girl in my front seat who was kinda watching me. She had short hair and was wearing big round glasses. As soon as her station came and she was going out of the metro she slipped me this note 🙂

PS. Hoping she reads this one day and recognizes her handwriting ❤️